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There are lots of myths concerning stretching and the correct application of various types of stretches. Stretching can be rougly divided into two distinct categories. The dynamic and the static stretches, that have very distinct roles in sport. The application of both types of stretching at their appointed places will give the best result in the long term.

Dynamic stretching should be used as a part of warming-up and when preparing for sport. This type of stretching uses reciprocal inhibition (as one muscle contracts, it’s opposite muscle relaxes) to allow greater relaxation in the target muscles. This type of stretching does not use a single, long hold – rather it is done by 8-10 repetitions of 1 or 2 second hold each, which will allow greater functional range of motion in short term.

Static Stretches give the best effect when done after sport, and on recovery days. This type of stretching uses long holds, between 30 and 60 seconds to improve the structural length in the targeted muscles and is more of long term improvement in nature. It is important to perform a gentle warm-up prior to performing static stretches in order to maximise the results, and to minimise the risk of injuries. Static stretches should be held at the barrier of stretch (where you first feel the stretch). If you ’lose’ the stretch, then you can go deeper into the stretch as required. Remember to breathe deeply during stretching, as the increased amounts of oxygen and endorphins will help the muscular relaxation thus giving better results.


Stretch poses have been uploaded, you can view them by clicking the link.


If you have any further questions, or wish to run through the stretches, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic on 01932 - 429584 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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I was in so much pain last week I couldn’t imagine that I would feel this much better in 7 days
Heather Penncock

I first went to Mika About 2 months ago. I could not walk straight line or very far. I was also in pain as I have had two knee replacements. After about 3 weeks I can now walk upright and in a straight line. Also a lot of pain relief. I cannot recommend this practice enough.
Frank Whittington

I have been working with Dr Mika Janhunen of Shepperton Chirorpactic Clinic for four years. During this time he has not only been able to help me overcome various niggling injuries and to enjoy better health, but has been able to improve the performance of a number of my golf coaching clients as well. His detailed knowledge of the human body and the complexity of the golf swing movement pattern is virtually unrivalled in terms of results that I have ever seen. I will continue to refer my players to see Mika, and would encourage anyone to do the same.
Rob Watts, PGA Golf Professional