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The Gait Scanner has arrived!

We are now offering a new service at the clinic, the TOG Gait Scanner. It is a state of the art system that uses 4096 sensors to scan the sole of the foot in motion as you walk over the scanner. It records 300 images per second to analyse the pressure and the timing sequence that help us unravel imbalances and biomechanical inefficiencies relating to lower limb problems.


The Gait Scanner will assist us in clinical decision making in and ensuring the best treatment outcome as well as the speediest possible recovery and return to normal activities to our patients. 

Most patients will benefit greatly from the information the system can deliver in terms of their rehabilitation of problem feet, and those who need   orthotic intervention will be in a truly preferential position as we can send the data from the scanner directly to the manufacturer, who have years of experience in making custom foot beds that will actively help in solving the problem instead of reinforcing the problem, which is the downside of all over the counter and static orthotics.


Well functioning feet and ankles are the foundation of a well functioning body.   The feet, being the sole contact with the ground, are the starting point of the biomechanical chain that travels all the way to the top of the head.  Many leg problems, such as ankle, knee, and hip injuries can be traced directly to an inefficient gait. The myriad muscular and fascial connections may further cause mayhem with the low back and the rest of the spine. The feet have been shown to have indirect effects even on breathing and digestive problems, as well as dizziness and headaches. 

For more information, please ask Dr. Mika, for bookings please call the clinic on 01932-429584 

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I was in so much pain last week I couldn’t imagine that I would feel this much better in 7 days
Heather Penncock

I first went to Mika About 2 months ago. I could not walk straight line or very far. I was also in pain as I have had two knee replacements. After about 3 weeks I can now walk upright and in a straight line. Also a lot of pain relief. I cannot recommend this practice enough.
Frank Whittington

I have been working with Dr Mika Janhunen of Shepperton Chirorpactic Clinic for four years. During this time he has not only been able to help me overcome various niggling injuries and to enjoy better health, but has been able to improve the performance of a number of my golf coaching clients as well. His detailed knowledge of the human body and the complexity of the golf swing movement pattern is virtually unrivalled in terms of results that I have ever seen. I will continue to refer my players to see Mika, and would encourage anyone to do the same.
Rob Watts, PGA Golf Professional